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Australian made multi-purpose cleaners
Next Gen 5 in 1

NEXT GEN 5 in 1

BioProtect’s® revolutionary NEXT GEN range has been developed to deliver a powerful, non-toxic clean and long-lasting sanitise to replace up to five cleaning products, reduce costs & time.

The BioProtect® Next Gen 5 in 1 is a validated cleaner and disinfectant that kills 99.99% of germs, is effective against COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and can be used as a powerful cleaner, disinfectant, degreaser, floor cleaner and drain treatment.

Save on cleaning time and replace up to five products with this one!


This revolutionary technology harnesses the power of Surfactin, the most powerful known detergent which is derived from probiotic, non-toxic bacterium and is completely environmentally friendly. This unique product effectively breaks down dirt, F.O.G. (fats, oils, grease), grime and germ cells rather than relying on poisons like chlorine & bleach to kill them off. Even better, it requires minimal PPE (safety glasses only!).

BioProtect® Next Gen 5 in 1 has a fresh eucalyptus fragrance and will also reduce your cleaning time, reduce cleaning frequency, reduce cleaning costs, reduce chemical inventory and make your spaces safer to be in.

Available sizes  -  750ml, 5L, 20L, 1000L (Wholesale)

Multi-purpose cleaner made in Australia


BioProtect® Multi-Purpose cleaner is a completely natural cleaner that cuts through fats, oils and grease and effortlessly clean dirt, soil, dust, debris, soap scum and nutrient build ups. With an industry leading formulation of natural bio active compounds and bio detergents (non-toxic, non-pathogenic bacterium and lipid peptides) this cleaner is safe for use on any surface and is safe to use around children and pets. It also has a pleasant mint scent to leave your spaces smelling fresh (and not like a hospital).


Simply spray and wipe, it’s that simple. This product is completely environmentally friendly and non-corrosive. Once finished cleaning you can pour it down any drain or sink and it will have a flow on effect of clearing the build-up of films and nasty odours from your plumbing.


This product can be used on all porous and non-porous surfaces and is best suited for use in bathrooms, kitchens and floors.

Available sizes  -  750ml, 5L, 20L, 1000L (Wholesale)



BioProtect’s® patented F.O.G. Eliminator breaks down and removes fats, oils and grease from floors and drains, eliminates odours, reduces chance of bar flies and significantly reduces F.O.G. related plumbing and maintenance costs.

This product has been specially engineered for use in commercial kitchens and bathrooms. The unique bio active compounds (live, non-toxic bacteria) effectively ‘digest’ F.O.G. to break it down and eliminate it completely.

The active compounds penetrate every crevice and crack in tiles and flooring, something regular chemical based cleaners cannot do.


Rigorous testing has proven this product reduces maintenance costs associated with grease traps, plumbing and struvite build-up by up to 75%. Being non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly, it can simply be poured into drains and sinks to clear build-ups, remove odours & reduce the chance of F.O.G. making it into the environment.

With added benefits of creating a positive biofilm (ongoing protective barrier) within the pipes and on the floors, it is your one stop solution and will reduce your cleaning time, frequency, the risk of slip fall injuries and maintenance costs.

Available sizes  -  5L, 20L, 1000L (Wholesale)


BioProtect's® Crystal Window & Glass Cleaner maintains a brilliant crystal appearance on all glass, enamel, plastic, laminate, porcelain and chrome plated surfaces. Dries quickly for streak free finish that leaves a protective dirt resistant film.

Available sizes  -  5L, 20L, 1000L (Wholesale)


BioProtect Crystal window & glass cleaner
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